An organic sanitizer built for your skin's delight.

Beautifully Safe.

How Are We Beautifully Safe?

How Are We Beautifully Safe?

*Superior Chemistry. Explained.

Let’s talk science, and why we think we offer a truly superior way to stay protected.

Unlike bacteria, viruses are particularly hard to kill. They have a ‘protective shell’ around them that needs to be broken down before the virus can be killed. Most sanitizers out there use alcohol to do this. And this is ok. But in these crazy times, we have gone looking for something that is truly superior. And we’ve found a compound called BZK Benzalkonium Chloride. Never heard of it? Well, it’s what surgeons use to sanitize their theaters before operating. Now that says something if the medical experts trust this above all alternatives to obliterate germs!

What’s more, unlike alcohol based sanitizers, ours is organic, non-flammable and can be used safely on skin of all ages.

Sense + You = Delighted & Safe