16oz | Gel Sanitizer
16oz | Gel Sanitizer
16oz | Gel Sanitizer

16oz | Gel Sanitizer

Fragrance Free
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Kills viruses and bacteria in seconds, while the aloe vera moisturizes and leaves you feeling refreshed.

Superior Chemistry. Remarkably Safe.

Unlike bacteria, virus cells are protected by a ‘shell’ that makes them particularly tricky to kill. Most sanitizers use alcohol to do this job. But, we go further by using a compound called BZK Benzalkonium Chloride. Never heard of it? Well, its what surgeons use to sanitize their theatres before operating. Now that says something if the medical experts trust our formula above all alternatives!

The Right Credentials.

Made in the USA. And unlike alcohol-based sanitizers, we are non-flammable, organic and can be used on skin of all ages!


+ BZK Benzalkonium Chloride

+ DMDM Hydantoin

+ Purified Water

+ Aloe Vera

+ Essential Oils